It's easy to get started with Aspire Budgeting with just a few steps required to get things set up.

Step 1: Install Aspire Budgeting from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Step 2: Open a new spreadsheet and hover over Aspire Budgeting from the Extensions dropdown menu. Click Open followed by Templates in the sidebar application. This will direct you to a link that will open a Google Drive page allowing you to make a copy of the Aspire Budgeting template.


Aspire Budgeting Add-on


Step 3: In the Aspire Budgeting template, go to the Extensions dropdown, Aspire Budgeting, and click Open. You'll see the sidebar application load on the righthand side of the screen and that's it - you're all set! To add your accounts and begin importing transactions, you'll need to activate your subscription